Welcome To The Man Cave

Man Cave 

“A customized space that is designed to the specific desires
of an individual and 
serves as a personal retreat for leisure and hobbies.”


Ever dreamed of having a customized space to get away and relax?
To enjoy some personal time to recharge and shut out the pressures of everyday life. We can make that dream come true!

At SSC we have a group of talented custom designers on staff that can work with your plan or idea and turn it into a reality. We have designed Sports rooms, Wet Bars, Wine Cellars, Humidors and Game rooms just to mention a few.



The fact of the matter is that these types of rooms are limitless in concept and can serve a multitude of functions. We specialize in personal dream fulfillment through attention to detail, skilled workmanship and un-matched customer service!

Explore a few of the projects we have completed and give us a call to discuss your project.